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American Seal Coat Products and Materials Used


You Want the Best? We've Got it Covered!

Sealer:  Coal tar pavement sealer.  100% acrylic premium grade pavement sealer.  Deep rich black color.  Oil and fuel resistant and wear ability.  Reduced fume formulated, low-V.O.C. results, fortified with sand and slip resistant for both wet and dry conditions.  Provides property owners with a safer pavement for both motorist and pedestrians. Excellent driveway sealer and parking lot sealer.

Top Tuft:  Improves surface toughness, helps suspend sand, provide blacker dried sealer film, enhances resistance to oil, fuel and grease, anchors in sand for extended wear, reduces power steering marks.

F.S.A.:  Speed up drying time and helps to make pavements prior to sealing.

Petro Seal:  Oil spot primer.  Seal oil, gas, and grease spots on pavement prior to sealing.

Zetac:  Improves resistance to water.  Provides sand suspension and uniform application of sand slurry mixes.  Promotes greater adhesion to pavement surfaces.  Meets FAA F627-P628 specifications.

Asphalt Crack Filler:  Crack Master Supreme.  The finest hot applied crack filling material.  Designed use in both direct fire and oil-hack kettles.  Ideal for all crack filling applications.

Sand"Black Beauty."  Prolong wear and tear of pavement and also helps slippage when wet for better traction.

Traffic Paint:  High performance 100% acrylic emulsion paint.  Designed for bright durable traffic markings on asphalt roadways and parking lots.  Available in white and yellow.

Gator Pave:  Patching material for cracked and alligatored pavement areas, no heat required-cold applied.  Polymer modified for "maximum" performance environmentally friendly emulsion based formula.

Asphalt Binder:  An asphalt emulsion tack coat designed for priming oxidized surfaces and patchwork.

Patch Master:  High performance pothole patch.  The cold patch with hot mix performance.  Applicable in any weather.

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